3 December, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x7F372DF070880bC9b84D317921BBeC8C30124770

The Original Double Dip Token. 9% EGC rewards heading to 10% Q2 2022. -Real life Software development business arming out into different sectors and markets. -First utility- SAAS voting platform in communities in the crypto space, commercial sector, local, state, and federal governments. -Financial investment platform for metaverse and commercial mortgage lending, equity loans, NFTs, collateral loans and tangible assets. - 3 methods of returns: EGC, BUSD and dividends from financial arm profit sharing. First of several tokens which all will feed volume into RematicEGC. 100% a community driven token with 3 charity wallets support cancer, military and other charities.