29 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x9a806aE99B997d6B86294b3488c060461F22629B

Legacy provides intergration to interact with diffrent blockchains on a single platform by simplicity of a single click. Manage all your Defi on across all on one platform with the lowest gas fees. Legacy is a Next Gen crosschain. -EVM Compatible. -Proof of Staked Authority. -Cross-Chain interaction with all blockchains, by one simple click. -Block time ~3 seconds. -Metaverse -Web 3.0.  -Nft Total LC Supply 300,000 LC Burn is implented,making it a sought after resource, Legacy will burn trough out event’s to benefit the long term holders. 50million retail store's worldwide accept legacy as payment,trough the ledger visa debit card.