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17 Apr, 2023


0xE919facc09CE21 ...    

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Infinity Box description

Infinity BOX is a revolutionary distributed storage and DeFi network that aims to transform the way valuable data is stored, exchanged, and validated. Unlike centralized storage solutions, Infinity BOX offers unmatched data security and ensures that all documents are traceable, secure, and immutable with its advanced file digital fingerprint or file hash validation.

The goal of Infinity BOX is to build a global, secure, cross-chain, peer-to-peer distributed storage network that operates 24/7. The Infinity BOX under multi-chain architecture allows IBOX clients to deploy together with various public blockchains, storage networks, and personal nodes, providing blockchain storage capabilities with unmatched data security. The network ensures that data stored is encrypted, fragmented, and distributed globally, preventing unauthorized access.

IBOX enables storage and validation of various data types, including documents, contracts, and reports. The network provides cost-effective storage space, reliable data storage, and transparent on-chain information. Infinity BOX is accessible to global public chains, storage networks, and personal storage devices, and developers can develop DApps based on Infinity BOX.

The network comprises different components, including Storers, Watchers, Miners, Storage and Validation API, IBOX Token Incentive Layer, P2P Layer, and Pluggable Storage Layer. Storers provide disk capacity for data storage and receive IBOX tokens as a reward. Watchers observe the network state and fix existing or potential loopholes. Miners process and bundle transactions, while Storage and Validation API provides a storage and validation service API for external applications to leverage.

The IBOX Token Incentive Layer provides IBOX tokens to miners to secure and maintain the network's stability. Credit-Based Proof of Stake (CPOS) is the consensus mechanism for IBOX to maintain the public ledger for Binance Smart Chain. Finally, the Pluggable Storage Layer acts as an adaptor to interact with different storage engines, providing one unified storage interface for other components to use.

Coin Summary

Ticker           : IBOX

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xE919facc09CE21f98d1693E9781aF9Ea61460E2A

Listing Date : 17 April, 2023

Website        : Infinity Box official website

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