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Ticker : AIT Launched On : 29 March, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x4238E5Ccc619dCC8c00ADE4cfc5d3D9020b24898

AI Trader Description

AI Trader's design philosophy is based on five main pillars: Simplicity, Pragmatism, Sustainability, and Intelligent AI Trading. The goal of AI Trader is to maintain a feature set that is as simple as possible, with the minimum number of moving parts required for a secure, scalable, and flexible system. By prioritizing simplicity, AI Trader enjoys significant advantages over more complex structures.

Wherever possible, AI Trader uses existing battle-tested Ethereum code and BSC code, as exemplified by the choice to use AITRADER as the client software. Simplifying critical infrastructure also enhances security, as every line of code written is a potential avenue for introducing unintentional bugs. A clean and minimal code base also facilitates external contributions and audits, further increasing the security and correctness of the AI Trader protocol.

These benefits will become even more apparent as the AI Trader protocol continues to solidify, and resources can be redirected to core Ethereum infrastructure.

AI Trader Summary