HiFi Gaming Society

30 November, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x0A38bc18022b0cCB043F7b730B354d554C6230F1

https://hifigamingsociety.com/litepaper.html Few DeFi funds have been able to capture and keep their communities engaged. This lack of engagement and the difficulty of knowing active membership has led to big swings in participation and fund value. The industry needs a way to bring members together to pool their funds and keep them actively involved month after month. Gameplay is the way. The HiFi DeFi Community Gaming Solution HiFi DeFi connects DeFi users and facilitates active participation in group-managed pools with game play, performance-based loot, and token-based fund governance. It’s a combination of gaming and DeFi that’s never been available before now. Play a game to literally mine assets to your wallet! The product will require users to stake (deposit) tokens onto the platform to activate certain features. Users will stake HIFI tokens to: 1) activate the actual gameplay (PLAY) 2) activate the rewards you can earn for playing games (EARN) 3) and you can buy items for boosting rewards(BOOST) We are also building a Retro Gaming Lifestyle brand around the platform and a MetaVerse.