1 August, 2020
Binince Smart Contract: 0x9CeC03362D759CECa736e5918e8ba7636E2BD64e

DEL is the native coin of the DecimaChain blockchain. DecimalChain is a blockchain and constructor of all types of tokens that allows you to easily and quickly create your own coins with a variety of application modes. DecimalChain is highly secure, stable, reliable, and at the same time user-friendly and understandable to everyone. DecimalChain is available and popular with a wide range of users around the world because people can develop and promote their own projects on the basis of our project. In just a few clicks, on your personal console, you can create your own liquid (backed by a DEL reserve) coin with its own specifics, uniqueness and easily integrate it into your product or service. DecimalChain implements an unambiguous price formation mechanism for each coin. Each of the network tokens can be exchanged for any other DecimalChain token at any time, and the transaction fee can be paid with any network token at your disposal.