26 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x2ea7B9ABb3740612a164a744645DD427f66703E0

💜 DOGEZILLA2022 Thoughts If you look at everything objectively, regardless of the quality and support of the project - in most cases investors are interested in presales and the possibility of speculation in the first days of the launch, and if you do one project, supporting it forever with marketing, the choice on launchpad will be more scarce, among a large number of scammers. Our plan is to create a series of projects (1-3 projects per month) that we will support with quality design, our style and marketing until pre-launch. And after the launch, we will provide marketing for 1-2 weeks because that is enough time for speculators, holders and primary investors to lock in profits based on their strategies. One of the big goals of DOGEZILLA2022 is to find a regular audience that will look forward to new projects from us 🤜🤛 We want to create the next presales also with a small HardCup and MaxBuy so that demand always exceeds supply, which will entail repumping 🚀🧚 Indeed, good developers devote all their efforts, time and marketing to only one brainchild. I don't think it's always effective to promote just one project. Good and conscientious developers are already a minority, someone needs to support launchpad and give new investors a chance to make money here and now on pumping!