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Ticker : Launched On : 3 January, 2022
polygon Chain: 0xb932d203f83b8417be0f61d9dafad09cc24a4715

mCat Description

mCat Token Live price data
The live price of mCat Token today is 6.347124608284455682 USD. $mcat It is down -2,73 from the last trading day! We update our USD to mcat every 10 minutes!
mCat Has a Market Cap of 391,618 USD and is down -2,73% in the last 24H!
What Is mCat (mcat)?
An algorithmic stable coin, pegged to the price of 1 MATIC via seigniorage.
The $KITTY algorithmic token serves as the backbone of a rapidly growing ecosystem aimed towards bringing liquidity and new use cases to the Polygon network.
The protocol’s underlying mechanism dynamically adjusts $KITTY’s supply, pushing its price up or down relative to the price of MATIC.
What Is mCat (mcat) contract address??
The contract address for the mCat is 0xb932d203f83b8417be0f61d9dafad09cc24a4715 and it can be found on polygon network.

mCat Summary