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Ticker : $BSHARBI Launched On : 10 April, 2023
ARBITRUM Chain: 0xDB03940Fd249D41fB964628A328070201a3b539a

BuffSharbi Description

BuffSharbi is a token in the Sharbi family on the Arbitrum blockchain. BuffSharbi crypto token rewards its holders with USDC rewards, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to earn passive income.

The tokenomics of BuffSharbi are straightforward and transparent. With each transaction, 4% of the total value is distributed among token holders in the form of USDC rewards. Additionally, 2% of each transaction is allocated to the liquidity pool, which helps ensure a healthy level of liquidity for the token.

Whether you're buying or selling BuffSharbi, the total transaction fee is 6%. This fee structure helps maintain stability and liquidity within the token while also ensuring that holders continue to earn rewards over time.

BuffSharbi Summary