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15 February, 2022


0x0f498d31832A66 ...    

Urban Acupuncture Fund Coin Informations

Urban Acupuncture Fund description

We are a mission driven, deflationary, safe token backed by an increasing supply of BNB with all the benefits of the SmartDefi ecosystem. Our goal is to change the way the business of real estate works by democratizing the source of capital in order to build for people and the planet. In the near term we will use reflections from UAF and our portfolio partners to fund targeted urban interventions that make a big impact on people and generate press around those projects. This will create a virtuous cycle, increasing our impact and the value of UAF token.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x0f498d31832A66250473CcB166513a73F4F9398e

Listing Date : 15 February, 2022

Website        : Urban Acupuncture Fund official website

Whitepaper  :

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