5 May, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x025A53bD717bB01DAdc44819CfCE0ef054378A0A

ToiletPaperCoin "the Airbnb of crypto" $TPC is a DeFi reflection token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain with reflection rewards and automated liquidity acquisition. Max Supply: 1 Quadrillion Burn: 40% Automated Liquidity: 5% Reflection Rewards: 5% Idea, Vision & Utility A common interest of our team is the involvement in the hospitality industry. To be more specific, investing and turning apartments into guest houses which are then listed on popular sites such as “Airbnb”. The main problem here is that cryptocurrencies have not yet been implemented for payments when booking an accommodation. This is where TPC comes in the picture. We have envisioned the development of a similar platform (“TPC inn”) where people can list their accommodations with the option to receive payment in crypto and vice-versa for guests. Think of how convenient and innovative it would be to arrange your next holidays by using your TPC reflections. The idea does not stop there. We are thinking of using the development wallet for buying and listing our ToiletPaperCoin Places (“TPC Places”) that could benefit the project in many ways. We could also have special prices and privileges for users paying with TPC or booking a “TPC Place”, and so on. A fee from listing bookings could be used for the platform service, and/or as buy-back and for adding funds to the liquidity pool. This will guarantee TPC usage which means constant volume, a basic goal for any crypto asset.