Tierra Meta

19 April, 2022

What Is Tierra Meta (trmt)? TIERRA META Project is to combing Real estate and blockchain. Ultimately goal of TIERRA META project is to bring all architects, 3d artists, graphic designers who are passionate about creating spacial design art works, while also bringing real estate developers and investors to collaborate together through our platform. TIERRA META developes NFT platform that architects and spatial designers to create NFTs and build portfolio to showcase and share inspirations. While artists create spatial design art works in the NFTs. TIERRA META will launch NFT projects that gather real estate developers and investors to share real estate information and business opportunites world wide so that architects and developers can merge within the platform. NFTs will be created and traded with TIERRA Token(TRMT), which is built on Polygon chain. What Is Tierra Meta (trmt) contract address?? The contract address for the Tierra Meta is 0x1a2db1e99560757095bd44f82ff5078c13c57a71 and it can be found on polygon network.