Sinan Energy Token

30 March, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x656169209718A423C1dA4941A14e3E98EdbE0BF5

Sinan Energy tokenizes renewable energy and carbon credits by integrating a blockchain solution with the control system software of renewable energy plants to create an immutable and verifiable record of renewable energy usage and carbon emissions mitigated.
This allows Sinan to tokenize the resultant carbon offsets and reward Sinan Energy token holders with certified carbon credits.
Sinan creates an end to end carbon credit value chain from source to market by designing and owning the renewable energy plants that generate the carbon credits and making those carbon credits available to carbon markets through either a blockchain enabled platform.
Sinan has already secured the long term energy sales agreements thus ensuring contracted cash flows and carbon credit generation for the full term of renewable energy plants.
Unlike other crypto energy offerings, we don't just trade energy, we design and build the power plants that generate renewable energy and integrate the plants with our blockchain enabled system to tokenize the carbon credits generated from source to market. This is a global first