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13 June, 2021


0x7869044d36ea75 ...    

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Okay, read carefully. ???? Sensible Finance Smart Staking will transform the De-Fi world forever. I know, this may sound “Too good to be true?”. No one is forcing you to take this opportunity. You are the master of your destiny, but the opportunity we all have here may never come again. “Smart Staking solves these problems by automatically checking the contract audit for each farm before investing, drastically reducing the possibility of falling victim to a rug pull or other scam. Staked BNB is then spread across a total of 15 platforms, further reducing the risk to investor capital by limiting exposure to any one yield pool at a time. If one or two yield farms failed, the others would compensate for the lost yield; it would take the simultaneous failure of multiple farms for the staked BNB to be at risk, and even in that event, the 2% yield retained within the staking/marketing/insurance acts as a worst-case-scenario buffer” This ratio is extremely favorable. Everyone will win with Sensible Finance. Join Us ❤️

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x7869044d36ea75975b793ca4312608cc3817895b

Listing Date : 13 June, 2021

Website        : Sensible Finance official website

Whitepaper  :

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