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23 Sep, 2021


0x43baf9b6179cd3 ...    

Safeguardian Coin Informations

Safeguardian description

Safe Guardian is a reflectionary utility token on Binance Smart Chain. It is the governance token of upcoming Safe Guardian Wallet which aims to go beyond the regular wallets in the market (BSC and ETH focus initially) and propose advanced trading and payment solutions to allow users to have reduced time consumption and comfort. The project is aiming to enlarge the user base by offering one platform trading solutions for swaps and develop advanced and easy-to-use payments integration throughout the process. - The Safe Guardian Wallet is scheduled to be released before launch and be operational. - Smart Contract and Wallet security audits to be done by reputable organizations - Fully doxxed and experienced team, strong marketing bugdet aiming to bring in some big names for the promotion of the brand and products - Token to be used on spreading the awareness and fuel the ecosystem, future payments to be done with the token. - Planned burns on the token to bring the total supply down to %10 - Fast track plans for initial listing organizations - Private sale FCFS, to be announced today on Telegram - Private Sale HC 300 BNB Presale 200 BNB - Huge reach and visibility with token listings on the own Wallet, advanced trade tools and payment solutions. - NFT game planned for the week 8, the hype will be guaranteed to go on.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x43baf9b6179cd36c7bfd635162fe7e7a441ee225

Listing Date : 23 September, 2021

Website        : Safeguardian official website

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