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15 Mar, 2022


0xFc74Fe792c6d9A ...    

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RevolutionDefi description

Revolution Defi is part of the new family of staking tokens which has been changing the way token holders earn passive income straight to their wallet. By utilizing and improving upon an innovative contract holding system which includes a positive rebase formula and a treasury, Revolt is creating a new type of elastic token. Improving upon the stand Dao Treasury, Revolution Defi’s corporate objective is to 1) Become a Private Legal Entity by creating a corporation. 2) To Use Treasury funds to acquire Multiple Master – Nodes from various cryptocurrencies, in order to maintain a healthy Treasury by generating funds for being a Master-Node. This will ensure security and support for the Revolt Community, becoming the World’s First Master Node Backed Treasury. 3) To create a Lottery – Linked Deposit System, where Holders can Raffle for Potluck Rewards. The Best Auto Staking + Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming Protocol Simply hold $Revolt and watch your initial $Revolt investment grow substantially in a year. Backed by our innovative Treasury algorithm using automatic buyback & burn to support the price, and long-term ventures; acquiring various Master Nodes to support the treasury. The protocol will use Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to increase the Treasury exponentially at a rate of ~50% a year or more to better support the tokens price floor. Rug-Proof: No minter code, soon to be Audited. Thanks to innovations in smart contracts, $Revolt will able to furnish some of highest APY in the DeFi market outperforming competitors. 🟨 What is the $Revolt Token? The $Revolt Token is an elastic token which through a positive rebase formula allow $Revolt holders earn staking rewards just by holding the token. 🟨 How much is the APY generated? Revolt is going to be bringing the HIGHEST APY in the market using an improved series of smart contracts. Which will offer safer returns on your investment just for holding. 🟨 How the APY is sustainable? The elevated interest is sustained by the RFV (Risk Free Value) which receive from the token trading volume a percentage dedicated to create a collateral value for the generated APY which will back the Positive Rebase. Be sure to join now the Telegram group for further support by the dev team!

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xFc74Fe792c6d9A2050B3f1fD444Cb46Bad66217B

Listing Date : 15 March, 2022

Website        : RevolutionDefi official website

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