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PussyCredit V2

Ticker : Launched On : 7 July, 2021
ERC-20 Ethereum: 0xa9d945559f6e799c3a4f4aa08db9674f54db3e80

PussyCredit V2 Description

PussyCredit V2 is an Auto-Staking token, designed and envisioned by 1GoonRich (Crypto Messiah). The coin functions as a real life utility, which allows it the ability to make online payments and purchases. PUSSC 💹 was created with broad capacity, and provides sustainability for our investors. The community will dictate the direction and spread of PussyCredit V2. Stake your place as a Community Leader – create content, and spread the token! The future is in the hands of the holder! 💸 Tokenomics/Reflections 100 Years - Liquidity Locked 1000T - Total Supply 2% - Reflections to Holders 2% - Tax

PussyCredit V2 Summary