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Ticker : Launched On : 17 August, 2021
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x4E34FCFC6a5AA091990b58F88490E67f25471B72

PizzaBucks Description

PizzaBucks is a DE-FI NFT GAMING TOKEN which shares the same Dev team with SafePizza token.


PIZZABUCKS will periodically Manually burn its supply on a monthly basis, as needed.

2% of every transaction (buy, sell or transfer) will be set aside for burn or buybacks for PIZZABUCKS AND SAFEPIZZA

PIZZABUCKS will weekly buy SafePizza to send to Burn Address to keep reducing the supply of SafePizza. Each buy of SafePizza will provide reflection for SafePizza Holders and Auto LP’s, while the process is sent to Burn Address.


2% Auto Liquidity is set up for PIZZABUCKS. Each Transaction of Buy/Sell/Trade will be sent to Liquidity, to ensure that the Liquidity is kept in a healthy ratio with every holder and marketplace.


3% of every Transaction (Buy/Sell/Transfer) will be redistributed to all PIZZABUCKS HOLDERS.


1% PIZZABUCKS and SAFEPIZZA is the same Team Admins, 1% of every transaction will be sent to SafePizza to directly support the Mission for Charity.

PizzaBucks Summary