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PP Token

Ticker : Launched On : 25 March, 2022
ERC-20 Ethereum: 0xece8531550fc599ccb2c7734494fbc358d0a9483

PP Token Description

The crypto space needs to provide safe and profitable opportunities for those brave enough to venture into the exciting world of crypto, and we dove into the journey of finding new and creative ways to reward holders. That’s how $PP TOKEN came to life. A multi-utility token that can offer sizeable rewards, while also incorporating a buyback & burn approach to make $PP deflationary and thus increasing its value. And to make this even more profitable for our holders, PP will invest in other promising projects and a portion of the profits will be used for buybacks, burns or to add liquidity to PP’s liquidity pool. PP also offers a DAO-based, VIP trading crypto community with exclusive early access to upcoming launches and potential catalysts in the market. An immense advantage in an already competitive market. PP will also rewards it's loyal holder base through a lottery based airdrop system, so you never know when you might receive a nice incentive as a way of saying thank you for supporting our project. Another attractive crypto solution that PP offers is a platform for other projects to present their tokens & ideas so they can showcase and highlight their most interest catching features. Projects must purchase and burn PP tokens to have access to this valuable service.

PP Token Summary