27 June, 2020
Ethereum: 0xFDb15e5E6799Be72798b1ccFAEcbF186Bf73A0c4

NitroEx Exchange aims to offer a unique interface with real-time order books, charting tools, trading history, and a simple ordering process, so users can buy/sell easily. NTX is a token that offers its investors extra privileges, increased limits, and earnings. Nitro Software Technologies introduced the NitroEx Exchange project, a cryptocurrency trading exchange, to the service of users 1 year ago. NitroEx Exchange listed the NTX project. NitroEx raised $3.7 million in the ICO. Along with the $2.4 million in equity, with a total valuation of over $6 million. NTX is used in the artificial intelligence supported NitroBot (algorithmic trade bot) application, which is another crypto service of Nitro Software Technologies. The fuel required for the use of the NitroBot algorithmic trade bot is determined as NTX. It is statistically proven that users make an 8% profit. NitroEx offers holistic software solutions for the needs of its users in the crypto world.