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19 July, 2021


0xce262761df57c7 ...    

Mu Continent Coin Informations

Mu Continent description

Mu Continent brings the ultimate revolutionary mechanism to BSC ecosystem: A sustainable economic model with Vaults, Referral Program, Hold and Earn, and Black Hole design that exponentially builds community consensus. Combine these four together with 100% decentralized liquidity pool in USDT on PancakeSwap and you get a power house token out of the hands of anyone, except the community as a whole. In addition to successfully integrating most of the advantages of Memes tokens, Mu Continent is also a high-yield farming product. Mu will focus on post-quantum cryptography in 2022.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xce262761df57c72999146b7a6a752da03835db4a

Listing Date : 19 July, 2021

Website        : Mu Continent official website

Whitepaper  :

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