17 May, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x025c9f1146d4d94F8F369B9d98104300A3c8ca23

Moontography provides many decentralized tools, services, and products which include cross chain compatibility bridging and much more. For ETH, MATIC, KCC contract addresses visit Moontography website. Cross Chain Token/Coin Service(Atomic Swap): You can now offer your holders a simple 1-to-1 swapping feature for their tokens across multiple chains including BSC, ETH, MATIC, and KCC. Setting up a swapping contract is simple. A few easy clicks and your holders will love you for it. Airdropper service: Cheapest and easiest way to Airdrop tokens to your community. Spend less time worrying about scripts to run affordable Airdrops and more time focusing on the project. Farming service: Project owners can now create staking programs for their communities in 5 minutes and a few clicks. List of current and future Dapps: Blockchain File Storage, Decentralized Code Storage, Airdropper, Decentralized Tax Reporting, Farming as a Service, Atomic Swap, Decentralized Password Manager, Trusted Timestamps Plus more coming.