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30 November, 2021


0x5e9b7100ef06d4 ...    

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Millionstarter description

πŸ‘‘ MILLIONSTARTER | MST πŸ‘‘ Millionstarter, the native token of the exclusive social application Social Q πŸ‘‘ On Social Q one can meet their perfect partner, create new friendships, acquire unique business opportunities, provided with an encrypted chat, multi-chain wallet and NFT Marketplace ❀️ The Dating System: It has been being tested for a year now as part of the individual project. The user experience and the interface have been designed in line with our customers’ needs. As a result of the testing period, we have shed light on market opportunities that will help acquire significant global market share in the dating business within 5-10 years. The combination of Phantom chat, Business and Social functions together create the Social Q platform, which will contribute to the exponential growth of the project. πŸ‘‘ Staking Bonus: Recieve a part of Millionstarter. Every month, 5% of the total income will be redistributed among MST stakers. πŸ‘‘ Transaction Fees: πŸ’΅ 7% redistributed among holders πŸ’΅ 6% to Liquidity Pool πŸ‘‘ Bonus System: πŸ’΅ 3% Bonus over $400 USD, 6% Bonus over $1000 USD, 10% Bonus over $3500 USD πŸ’΅ 10% from future purchases via affiliate links ⚜️ 10% of the sold tokens will be rebought by Millionstarter ⚜️ Doxxed team ⚜️ Audit by TechRate ⚜️ Whitepaper first edition will be released at 11th October ⚜️ Project is VERY EARLY, PARTICIPATE IN PRIVATE SALE BY JOINING OUR TELEGRAM GROUP πŸ‘‘ PRIVATE SALE ONGOING πŸ‘‘ PRESALE BEGGINING 18TH NOVEMBER

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x5e9b7100ef06d4d1f1f187c7c6b169e376044307

Listing Date : 30 November, 2021

Website        : Millionstarter official website

Whitepaper  :

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