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8 May, 2022


0xAB31e9358ac0BA ...    

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MetaPixel Coin description

We are going to take MetaPixel to be a high-cap coin, driven by our projects, with which it will take the first step to what we desire, to be a utility and high-value token in the market. Our Projects: 1. Pixel Road It will be a 3D, procedural and infinite game, in which you will be able to obtain MetaPIX tokens as you progress that later on you can redeem on our website 2. Pixel Golf It will be a 3D pixel art format game, In which you will compete online in a grand variety of scenarios against other players in games or tournaments to win MetaPIX 3. MetaPixel Space It will be an online open world game, In which you will be a space ship attacking other other planets to obtain resources but you will need to watch out for the other players (invaders) that will be trying to attack your planet. To win MetaPIX coins you will require to obtain resources from enemy planets or by destroying asteroids that are on your way NFT Market We are working to bring a MetaPixel NFT market, where you will be able to trade your MetaPIX NFTs.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xAB31e9358ac0BAd5A35f2d1C1ED7f5fBE36f8BCa

Listing Date : 8 May, 2022

Website        : MetaPixel Coin official website

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