18 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x654905D85401dc37d3D1c7eC10D1d36e48c7C15D

Meta Heaven Is A New Play-To-Earn RPG Game Built On Binance Smart Chain. The Players Can Create NFT Game Characters, And Enter This Fantastic World Which is Divided Between Light And Darkness. Surrounded by magical heroes, the players will build their own teams and become the most powerful of Meta Heaven world. Enchant, Enhance And Socket Your Items With Gems, Tame Your Mounts And Become The Most Attractive Character Between Thousands Of Players! The Knight Or The Magician That You Will Be, Can Specify Its Skills In Order To Masterize A Unique Character. The Players Will Become The Hero Who Will Save The World From Evil. Features: -NFT -RPG -TRADE -STAKING Tokenomics TOTAL SUPPLY | 1.380. Airdrop 8% | 110.400.000.000.000 team 10% | marketing 15% | rewards 15% | burn 10% | Pump 2% | 27.600.000.000.000 NftMarket 25% | 345.