Life Token

1 May, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x36f66d61db3497f7fdba22efd2a251753a95d0e2

Life Token is a charity-orientated cryptocurrency currently on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goals are to help bring awareness to suicide prevention, but most importantly help save lives. We have a great journey ahead and want to be the platform that has many partnerships orientated around mental health awareness. The community is active, helpful, and very pleasant to be around, so even just stop by to say hi! Life Token has built in tokenomics, which are quite easy to understand. There is a 10% fee on every transaction, so buying/selling or sending to a friend. The 10% is broken into 4 parts: 3% goes into our charity wallet, 5% goes back to everyone holding Life Token (that could be you!), 1% goes to marketing and 1% is burned. Burned means its no longer in circulation which is slowly lowering our supply.