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9 Apr, 2022


0x195e1d3cdae91b ...    

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What Is Libcoin (lib)? The Libcoin is a governance and reward token backed by a portfolio of investments into world-class battery technology. The mission of the Libcoin team is to both accelerate the transition into clean energy while democratizing the community and financial opportunity through a novel crypto asset. The libcoin will be the first crypto asset that offers potential holders exposure to investments and rewards in the booming battery technology industry. We expect to offer significant rewards for the Libcoin ecosystem. For instance our backers are building India’s first gigafactory and have committed 25% of net profit to annual token burn. With a projected annual revenue of $5b and the official backing from the Government of India this flagship project is sure to position Libcoin as a major brand and player in the coming years. This project will innovate on the concept of ‘greencoin’ and bring a truly novel hardware linked crypto asset into the space. What Is Libcoin (lib) contract address?? The contract address for the Libcoin is 0x195e1d3cdae91b17fdf7f5276addf258ed9afbc4 and it can be found on eth network.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : eth

Contract       : 0x195e1d3cdae91b17fdf7f5276addf258ed9afbc4

Listing Date : 9 April, 2022

Website        : Libcoin official website

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