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Ticker : Launched On : 20 April, 2022
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0xca65343af1771c2d5db4f945d3249af156075252

Injected green.Io Description

[Forwarded from 🛡MikasaCalls🛡] 🟢💉💸Welcome to INJECTED~GREEN.IO Community💸💉🟢 The team have over 1.5 years of experience in marketing & game development. We have decided to form a community to help us build a successful and stable ecosystem where the art of wealth & NFT game experience can be enjoyed in a whole. The foundation of this community is built up on fairness, excitement and good rewards injected into strong holders! This alone will win mainstream attention and grow our a good solid foundation for the future of Injected~Green.IO Injected~Green will take a huge step at fostering mainstream adoption of blockchain NFT gaming & real use case P2E Fundamentals. The top tier holders of INJECTED~GREEN native token will have early access to our unique phase 1 NFTs ( mint of 1000 ). Early access to our marketplace where they can show off there newly minted NFT's and be able to swap and stake for more passive rewards. Every 7 days a random generated wallet from the holders will be extracted and pinned in the telegram, this lucky person will have a chance to win 2% of the previous 12 hour trading volume in a selected mini game. This will be WBNB sent directly from the Dev team to the lucky 💎 hand. =================================== =================================== 🟢Tokenomics:🟢 - Name: - Symbol: IG - Network: BSC ( BEP20 ) - Decimals: 18 - Total supply: 1,000,000,000 [ ever decreasing with every buy & sell ] - 5% tax on buy ⬇️ - 3% to liquidity pool - [Auto Burn] - 6% to Market Wallet - 2% WBNB pooled aside and paid to one lucky injected holder in every 7Day week ending period - 4% token reflection to every holder - 12% tax on sell

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