Ice shards

15 December, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x8f9eF0f6d984eAeC65FCF1c74b0De7800AF198C6

❄️Welcome to the presale of Ice shards tokens.❄️ ❄️Ice shards — is a special currency of the New Year Token used for the opening magic boxes with NFT. 💰Buy Ice Shards tokens➡️Buy Magic box➡️Get your NFT➡️Get reward in BUSD = PROFIT General information about presale: 🎄 Presale link: 🎄 Whitelist link: 🎄 Max buy 2 BNB 🎄 Presale: 13-15 December ✨ No dev wallet. 🎁 This is your chance to try your luck with our unique new year magic boxes! Every NFT is special and unique. There are total of 10 different NFTs. ☃️ We have unique NFTs with real usage. Every NFT has its own rarity — the better rarity = the better reward you will get from the NFT rewards pool. Our features: ☃️ Magic boxes with NFT ☃️ NFT with different rarity ☃️ NFT rewards pool!! ☃️ New Year atmosphere 🔗 Website: 🔗 Telegram: 🔗 Twitter: