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Hemp Pawz Charity

Ticker : Launched On : 21 October, 2021
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0xC14AD42ba1C5bbCD81a825F560513a193aDe6ebe

Hemp Pawz Charity Description

Developed in partnership with charities to help support the need for companions. A real product line surrounding an already established network of stores and shipping networks. Hemp and Pawz Charity drives to have an effect in neighborhoods internationally to help our companions and communities. Donation partnerships with large charity organizations, and a real world use case and utility token. A truly separating idea and potentially more valuable than some of the current doggy coins out in the market. A staking platform organized and reserve of supply to commit to the platform. Reflection in doge coin and working on the platform adaption, listing on exchanges will only require one thing…members. A very straight forward roadmap and clear marketing plan for each stage and growth to be monitored. Hemp & Pawz has extreme potential to breakout with over a 1000 interactions with the QR Code and established telegram room awaiting the presale. Video ads, Posters, Clothing, Coffee Cups, and other Merchandise setup for pre launch. That feeling of FOMO.

Hemp Pawz Charity Summary