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11 Oct, 2021


0x6813e7d721694d ...    

FUDDOXX FUD Token Coin Informations

FUDDOXX FUD Token description

Tokenomics = 5% Marketing 4% Liquidity on buys and sells. No rewards
So essentially Fuddoxx is a security bridging platform between investor and project. It is designed to give maximum investor confidence alongside respecting developers rights to anonymity.
We achieve this in two ways.
1. We fully audit your contract, this is done using both our own in house team and external third party automated sites, from this we create a score against our own listing criteria.
2.We doxx a dev, so this can be one or the whole team... We ask for certain details which include name, dob, country,..... In addition we ask for either a) a photo or b) photo ID.
If you don't want to submit photo id then we ask for just a photo and a 2minute face all to confirm it's you.
If you submit photo id we accept that.
ALL of this is securely stored in an encrypted file never to be seen......
Unless you rug or otherwise scam your community in which case we would release your photo along with your name and dob onto our fuddoxx website.
So in essence fuddoxx is rapidly becoming the goto place for investors to find safu projects and for legitimate devs its a great way to doxx without doxxing.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x6813e7d721694d8f8a2990a3e0a389b326169c6e

Listing Date : 11 October, 2021

Website        : FUDDOXX FUD Token official website

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