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Coin Fast Alert

Ticker : Launched On : 20 February, 2022
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0xb38A2A58911372fdB12e2D4E4da8714C7f652261

Coin Fast Alert Description

Coin/token name: Coin Fast Alert Bsc: Yes Contract address: 0xb38A2A58911372fdB12e2D4E4da8714C7f652261 Reddit: n/a Twitter: tjKPdvTuwEiA&s=19 Facebook: n/a Github: n/a Website: Country of origin: Indonesia Telegram: Telegram Channel: Telegram Groups: Discord: n/a Logo link 200x200 transparent background: Brief Description about token should be appealing: The CFA token will become the official payment token for our website, currently CFA also has a dex for buying and selling CFA transactions, as well as farms and staking features Poocoin link: 61 Bitcointalk: n/a

Coin Fast Alert Summary