Ticker : Launched On : 23 April, 2022
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Cheetah is an encrypted asset trading robot, It was jointly voted by D.E. Shaw and CCF and the global decentralized community. allowing investors to obtain higher returns in a safer and more convenient way through the original robocall trading method. D.E. Shaw Founded in 1988, a hedge fund with the title of "king of quantitative analysis" in the United States, is famous for its extreme innovative investment, which is good at developing complex mathematical models and computer programs. The cheetah Conservation Foundation (CCF), an international non-profit organization established in Namibia in 1990, is a member of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is internationally recognized as a global leader in the protection of cheetahs and their ecosystems. Because the cheetah spirit is highly consistent with the technical and cultural genes of D.E. Shaw, In 2021, CCF foundation and D.E. Shaw jointly developed cheetah robot cheetah robot robot system and established cheetah ecological fund. Driven by blockchain AI technology and created by Dao community autonomy, it is the world's first encrypted AI financial ecology, covering cheetah defi、Cheetah NFT、Cheetah SWAP、Cheetah GameFi、Cheetah metaverse and other fields. Cheetah robot cheetah robot, based on the original order grabbing trading mode of major swap decentralized exchanges and the fast, accurate and ruthless investment strategy, attracts investors to pay attention to the cheetah ecosystem, creates safer and convenient high returns, and builds a universe class encrypted and fully intelligent trading financial service ecosystem.