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Ticker : CCGDS Launched On : 4 April, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x1bAADFd674C641149b0D5A39E697Ec877Ab47083

CCGDS Description

CCGDS is a versatile token that serves as both an incentive and governance mechanism within the CCGDS platform. Its value is determined and stored through community agreement, and it fuels growth in the CCGDS DAOs and individuals. As more members invest and join the DAO, the value of CCGDS will continue to increase. To attract contributions, CCGDS employs deflation and dividend mechanisms. This virtuous cycle of investment decisions is driven by the CCGDS DAO community, which initiated the decentralised platform. Token holders are considered the platform's "owners," and their activity contributes to the ecosystem's growth and value. Both the platform and its members benefit from an active user base.

CCGDS Summary