21 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x98c6fd0281a9a0300cb88553bf386a3492bb70f7

Broovs token has 9 separate projects 1- swifter cold Wallet 2- engine 3- Swift messenger- message app 4- Safecoinlist- Where to list secure tokens. Not every token can be listed on the safecoinlist. conditions will be able to list 5- xray-raychain blockchain 6- Crypto Exchange 7- Bilen Project-The “BİLEN” project is an artificial intelligence technology that responds to the voice commands and questions of its users as an assistant and performs actions for them. 8-BroovsBLOCK-It was developed using the XRAY Blockchain infrastructure owned by our company in order to prevent frequent cyber attacks in today's conditions and to ensure data security of companies in particular. 9-Broovsbox