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3 Dec, 2021


0xd376F64bb7db90 ...    

Aimedis Coin Informations

Aimedis description

Aimedis - an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android. Aimedis combines eHealth applications such as health records, video chat with doctors, appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, wearables, emergency records and much more along with medical social media platform, eLearning, eTeaching and education, a unique medical and scientific-pharmaceutical NFT marketplace, while displaying all relevant operations in a private blockchain, visible and transparent for the patient. Aimedis builds the world’s first medical metaverse and opens the world’s first virtual hospital chain in the metaverse while offering space to other hospitals, companies, universities and people. The Aimedis token, which is tailored to the platform, is much more than just utility and payment tokens, it also offers staking, governance, DeFi (the first medical DeFi token) and the next hot trend in the field of cryptocurrencies, social token functionalities. The Aimedis NFTs are a revolutionary tool for medical data along with functionalities inside the Aimedis metaverse. Aimedis is active on several continents and offers 11 languages, while more will be added.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0xd376F64bb7db90E11e78C91cbd58b756e1B8E7a1

Listing Date : 3 December, 2021

Website        : Aimedis official website

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