TheADA (TADA) ICO Presale & Project Overview


TheADA: Decentralized, Scalable NFT Staking on Cardano Blockchain.

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ended 6 months ago


Introducing TheADA: Your Gateway to Decentralized and Scalable NFT Staking on the Cardano Network

Explore TheADA, a groundbreaking Decentralized and Scalable NFT Staking Protocol operating under community governance. In the dynamic realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), TheADA emerges as a catalyst for innovation, heralding a new era in flexible financial markets. It provides a robust infrastructure for instant stake approval, automated APR, trustless custody, and heightened liquidity.

Leading the charge in Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols, Cardano has earned its stripes as the market leader. With a comprehensive suite of protocols designed for the economic empowerment of billions globally, Cardano adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the digital asset market. TheADA protocol stands at the forefront, poised to drive the next wave of financial evolution.

Cardano's trajectory positions it as the preferred Layer 1 platform for developers and investors. Recognizing its potential to disrupt entrenched power structures in the crypto sphere, Cardano commits to fostering an all-inclusive technological standard and an open platform. Boasting unparalleled security features and remarkable blockchain speed, Cardano ensures lower transaction fees, further enhancing its appeal.

Cardano's distinction lies not only in its technical prowess but also in its commitment to decentralization. Administered by a non-profit foundation and equipped with advanced functionalities, Cardano is set to be the top choice for future blockchain and crypto projects. As developers and investors increasingly recognize the network's capabilities, Cardano stands as a formidable alternative, challenging the status quo and paving the way for a more decentralized and democratized future in the world of cryptocurrency. Choose TheADA and join the journey towards a more inclusive and technologically advanced financial landscape.


Ticker : TADA

Token type : own

Token Role : Blockchain Service

ICO Token Price : $0.7

Fundraising Goal : $350,000

Total Tokens : 100,000,000 Token

Available for Token Sale : 29%

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FAQ About TheADA (TADA) Project

Learn more about this project

To learn more about TheADA (TADA) project you can read their whitepapper, visit their website, channels or social media accounts:
Website : Visit Official Website
Whitepapper : Visit Official Whitepaper
Twitter : Twitter Profile
Telegram : Telegram Group
Medium : Medium Blog
Reddit : Reddit Community

When will the ico presale start

This ico presale will start on 12 December 2023 and it will end on 17 December 2023

Where can i buy this ico

To buy this ico you just need to visit TheADA official website, participate in the whitelist if it is required then wait for the presale date (12 December) and follow the steps.

Is it safe to invest in this project

If you're considering investing in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it's essential that you conduct your own research before making any decisions. While they offer exciting opportunities for investors, they also come with significant risks, including fraud, scams, and market volatility.

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