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SPACE ID (ID) ico presale details, all details, prices and presale dates for space id ico the platform to build and create a web3 identity
Token Sale
ended 1 week ago

Token Sale: 17 March - 22 March

  • Ticker: ID
  • Token type: bsc
  • ICO Token Price: $0.025
  • Fundraising Goal: $2500000
  • Total Tokens: 2000000000
  • Available for Token Sale:
  • Accepts: USDT
  • Space ID Review & Description

  • Role of Token: Blockchain Service
  • Description: SPACE ID is paving the way for the future of the internet with its innovative approach to creating a universal name service network. By building a one-stop identity platform, SPACE ID is making it easier for individuals and companies to discover, register, trade, and manage their web3 domains.
    The platform is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, with a multi-chain name service that allows developers across blockchains to use the Web3 Name SDK and API to easily build and create a web3 identity. This makes it possible for anyone to participate in the decentralized web, regardless of their level of technical expertise or familiarity with blockchain technology.
    With SPACE ID's universal name service network, users can expect a seamless experience when it comes to managing their web3 domains. This includes simplified processes for registering and trading domains, as well as comprehensive management tools to help users stay organized and in control of their digital assets.
    Perhaps most importantly, SPACE ID's platform offers a high level of security and protection for users' web3 identities. With the decentralized nature of the blockchain, users can trust that their information is safe and secure, without the risk of centralization or control by a single entity.
    In conclusion, SPACE ID is making waves in the world of web3 with its universal name service network and one-stop identity platform. By creating a more accessible and secure decentralized web, SPACE ID is empowering individuals and companies to take control of their digital identities and participate in the exciting world of blockchain technology.