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OtterHome is an innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative developed specifically for the Arbitrum Layer2 network. Its primary objective is to revolutionize decentralized trading and enhance liquidity provision within the ecosystem.
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Token Sale
ended 3 months ago

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Token Sale: 12 June - 13 June

  • Ticker: HOME
  • Token type: own
  • ICO Token Price: $0.0005
  • Fundraising Goal: $120,000
  • Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000 Token
  • Available for Token Sale: 30.00%
  • Accepts: USDT
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    OtterHome Review & Description

  • Role of Token: DeFi
  • Description: OtterHome is an innovative ICO project aiming to address liquidity challenges on the Arbitrum network. It serves as an exchange layer and offers a comprehensive solution at the protocol level. With a fully open-source and composable design, OtterHome facilitates seamless integration and adoption within the Arbitrum ecosystem, eliminating any integration barriers.

    Key features of the protocol include:

    - Zero Slippage: OtterHome's Liquidity Book ensures traders can swap tokens with zero slippage within specified bins. This feature enhances the trading experience, making it smooth and hassle-free.

    - Dynamic Fees: Liquidity Providers have the opportunity to earn additional fees during periods of high market volatility through surge pricing. This incentivizes liquidity provision and rewards providers for their participation.

    - High Capital Efficiency: OtterHome's Liquidity Book supports high-volume trading while maintaining low liquidity requirements. This characteristic makes it an appealing choice for both traders and liquidity providers, as it maximizes capital efficiency.

    - Flexible Liquidity: Liquidity Providers have the flexibility to construct liquidity distributions that align with their individual strategies. This feature empowers providers, granting them greater control over their liquidity provision.

    By combining these features, OtterHome aims to create a robust and efficient liquidity solution on the Arbitrum network, benefiting both traders and liquidity providers.
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    FAQ About OtterHome (HOME) Project

    Learn more about this project

    To learn more about OtterHome (HOME) project you can read their whitepapper, visit their website, channels or social media accounts:
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    When will the ico presale start

    This ico presale will start on 12 June 2023 and it will end on 13 June 2023

    Where can i buy this ico

    To buy this ico you just need to visit OtterHome official website, participate in the whitelist if it is required then wait for the presale date (12 June) and follow the steps.

    Is it safe to invest in this project

    If you're considering investing in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it's essential that you conduct your own research before making any decisions. While they offer exciting opportunities for investors, they also come with significant risks, including fraud, scams, and market volatility.