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Ticker : SHAI Launched On : 13 June, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x48a051c9fa72a8abe62893696afb6f1049717324

SharkAi Description

SharkAi was introduced on the Binance Smart Chain on October 6, 2023, by a talented team operating from the United Kingdom. SHAI serves as a prelaunch of an NFT Marketplace that will soon support various chains, including Binance. Holders of SHAI tokens will receive a 2% reward in BUSD and a 2% fee that contributes to automatic liquidity. The liquidity is fully locked for added security.

The project benefits from the support of a committed team who actively involves the community in its development. Emphasis is placed on fostering a vibrant community that facilitates the buying, selling, and investment of renowned NFTs, creating an inclusive atmosphere for all participants.

SharkAi Summary