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Ticker : ORT Launched On : 27 April, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x8b62e98B3AD434CC6491C8D0dd97Da05E7710fCB

Oreto Network Description

Oreto is a layer 1 blockchain platform that aims to transform how organizations handle their data by utilizing the power of on-chain retroactive capabilities. In contrast to conventional blockchains that preserve data immutably, Oreto permits organizations to make retroactive updates and modifications to their data, empowering them to rectify errors and enhance their systems.

A Retroactive Organization is a decentralized organization that operates on a blockchain and has the ability to alter its past activities. This is accomplished using smart contracts that execute code based on predetermined conditions. The retroactive organization allows for adjustments to be made to the organization's rules or actions after the fact, creating a more dynamic and adaptable system.

Oreto Network Summary