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Horegon Protocol

Ticker : HORE Launched On : 18 June, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x8b3b999d2ce167fe03b29364073e68f26b5b359f

Horegon Protocol Description

Horegon Protocol is a promising cryptocurrency that was launched on 18/06/2023. It is identified by the symbol HORE and operates on a contract with the address 0x8b3b999d2Ce167FE03B29364073E68f26B5b359F. The token has a precision of 18 decimal places.

Horegon Protocol presents several noteworthy features. Firstly, it ensures a secure investment environment by implementing measures such as locked liquidity and a verified contract. Additionally, there is no private sale, indicating equal opportunities for all participants.

One of the remarkable aspects of Horegon Protocol is its high Fixed APY of 2,087,120.5%. Moreover, investors receive interest payments every 15 minutes, resulting in a daily interest rate of 2.76243269%. These interest earnings are automatically staked and compounded in the users' wallets, enhancing the growth potential of their holdings.

Horegon Protocol also operates a double rewards system. Holders of this token are eligible to receive BUSD rewards every 60 minutes, while HORE rewards are distributed every 15 minutes. By merely holding $HORE, investors have the potential to earn up to 2087 times their initial investment within a span of 300 days.

Horegon Protocol Summary