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Doge Blue

Ticker : DOGEBLUE Launched On : 27 April, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0xB38A5CDC7304aD3d53ce280A8DC63b2921D0A72F

Doge Blue Description

What does the Doge Blue project entail? It aims to be the premier project offering Twitter's optimal logo. It fosters a decentralized network of designers who receive rewards for their innovative designs. Doge Blue is committed to unlocking the potential of all designers by providing them with opportunities to showcase their best work through contests.

What distinguishes this project? Its distinctive Burn Mechanism feature sets it apart. The project's contract is designed to automatically repurchase and burn DOGEBLUE tokens for each transaction, ensuring a consistent long-term increase in the token price.

Doge Blue Summary