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Ticker : DEV Launched On : 30 May, 2023
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x5b89f7bd9267b33237017e6cf20c90e3653d7514

DEV Promoter Description

Introducing DEV Promoter Token a fully functional and community-driven token operating on the ETH (ERC-20) network. The team behind this token is actively involved in promoting various products and services. To benefit token holders, a significant portion of the revenue generated from these offerings will be allocated towards burning the token. Consequently, with each product sale, the value of the token will experience substantial growth.

🟢 Token Name: $DEV -
🟠 Total Supply: 10 Billion
🟠 ERC-20 | ETH
🔵 Launched in a fair and transparent manner
🟣 Buy-Sell Tax: 0%
🟣 Liquidity: 99.5%

DEV Promoter Summary