12 March, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x57488fcc3dc72edb0a4c06a356c2c43c08bdfb42

Ysoy chain protocols derived from soybean chain,Binance Smart Chain protocols BEP-20 Symbols: Ysoy, yTofu, ySoymilk, ySoybean oil Ysoy Token (Ysoy?) Ysoy has no mining process. Ysoy has a total fixed supply of 10000 YsoY tokens. The Ysoy token protocol is comprised of a group of non-competitive, interoperable, decentralized and intelligent contracts formed from the blockchain Binance system that provides the building blocks for DeFi development. The Ysoychain project supports a bridge to connect BINANCE to DEFi product economy to growth of DeFi markets and other blockchain systems. It is the first product built on BNB’s smart protocol contracts. The only one that generates 3 assets which makes it special and different from other projects in the same FARM / DEFI segment. The representation of the YSoy token creates revenue across the ecosystem. The BEP-20 Token (ySoy). Ysoy it is an activation token for mills. All Ysoy allocated on BNB generates the ascending tokens yTofu, ySoymilk, ySoybean oil.. yTOFU ySoy Milk ySoybean oil