29 April, 2022
Binince Smart Contract: 0x9c1d0191020c80C03c01596e5830d1569061D214

YoYo is a unique kind of reflection token. We have basic functions as taxes of 9% with a 6% distribution in BUSD to holders but implemented new amazing features. 50% of the tokens are Ecosystem tokens with different functions, giving YoYo Vision the power to grow. 80% of the Ecoystem tokens are lifelong locked. Additionally, YoYo is a hyper-deflationary Token, burning 1% of each transaction. Furthermore, 5% of the total supply is held in the Ecosystem Token Pool «Burn Events». With the distributions in BUSD, we buy back YoYo and burn additional tokens. One additional deflationary feature is that YoYo constantly burns 40% of the Ecosystem tokens. Our YoYo Vision Token is the heart of YoYo Vision. Our Ecosystem Tokens allow us to grow and finance our projects. 40% of the Ecosystem Tokens are used to invest, get passive income, and reinvest in YoYo. All this will lead to a price increase for our holders/community. Everything within a fair and transparent smart contract.