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22 May, 2021


0x47cD8720757113 ...    

Vibra Coin Informations

Vibra description

Vibraniums is the community-owned NFTs platform striving to be the “world’s leading NFT Marketplace”. Being an Indian startup, Vibraniums is highly fascinated by Indian culture, ancient temples, vibrant art forms and colourful rituals. Being born from the land of culture and art that’s blessed with physical and digital artists, We have noticed an incredible need to appreciate artists of our land and get the artwork a fair value. Vibraniums is the first platform to acknowledge and allow artists to acquire their true potential for arts. We offer seizable exposure for artists to grab their value in the domestic and international market. What is Vibra Token? You can call Vibratokens as a transaction token at Vibraniums NFTs platform. If you want to mint or buy NFTs as a user you would need $Vibra. The best part is that you can use Vibra as a Governance token to vote for platform development and other feature requests. You have a choice to stack $Vibra in the stacking pool and earn exciting rewards. Utility and Advantage of Token? If you are wondering how to make the utmost advantage of tokens, I will brief you on it. Transactions Redefined Governance Token Attribute Stack and Claim Rewards: Tokenomics: 10% redistribution fee 4% for existing investor 3% for liquidity pool 2% for burn 1 % for marketing wallet.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x47cD8720757113B10AfEEc2Fac9C0492777Ad72e

Listing Date : 22 May, 2021

Website        : Vibra official website

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