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5 Jan, 2022


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Solvina Metaverse description

What is Solvina Metaverse? Solvina’s mission is to create play-to-earn games, a payment network for tourism & an Advertisement Agency, and provide investors with an interactive Network that will keep them engaged, informed, and entertained while investing in the crypto space. Solvina’s ecosystem is such a perfect combination of traditional games and NFT gaming together with the most trending metaverse . What is Solvina Finance Platform Ecosystem? Solvina Lock - Security, Transparency, and Publicity - Nowadays, Lock liquidity and Lock token are standardized features in Defi. Lock Liquidity feature consolidates the faiths of the investment community in fundraising projects and avoids scammed projects. This feature supports for project owners to concentrate on developing the project. At each milestone of growth, Lock Liquidity allows a certain amount of token will be unlocked and be able to trade freely. This is an all great control for all participants of the project. Because, when the project has great news and support from a big community, the value of the token and the reputation level of the project will go up. Lock Token at Solvina is eligible for token purchasers to vest with their desirability on the vesting schedule. The token purchaser does not need to force themselves to be on time at each event of claiming tokens. Targeting the Tourism & Advertisement Agency? Tourism & Advertisement Agency has become one of the most important players in international trade and is also one of the main sources of income for many developing countries. Today the volume of tourism business is equal to or even greater than oil exports, food products, or automobiles & on the other hand the advertisement volume is increasing day by day. This growth goes hand in hand with increased diversity and competition between destinations. This has led to the global spread of tourism & Advertisement to industrialized countries and to obtaining economic benefits and employment opportunities in many related sectors, from construction to agriculture or telecommunications. Consumers turn to online travel agencies to book their trips.

Coin Summary

Ticker           :

Chain            : bsc

Contract       : 0x960c33d59f0c31F358416f86c69C14DaFB87fa71

Listing Date : 5 January, 2022

Website        : Solvina Metaverse official website

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