22 December, 2021
Binince Smart Contract: 0x687be4c4780484b2e74fa5d3da382c6c20632e19

By combining the power of two successful projects (SHIBA and FLOKI) with real utility and charitability, SHIBLOKI gives the power and opportunity to the community or dark horses, instead of capitalists and hedge funds. It aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency of all time.

To build a strong eco-system, we have plans to do the following down the road:

1. Double (manual) burning system

2. DEX (Decentralized Exchange) - SHIBLOKISWAP

3. Build its own blockchain “SHIBLOKCHAIN”

This project was created after investing a good amount of time in doing research on various projects and considering the lacking and rugpulls present in the current crypto-space.

Basic Information:

🔒Liquidity Locked:

✅Slippage: 15%

✅Contract Verified:

✅Contract Address: 0x687be4c4780484b2e74fa5d3da382c6c20632e19


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12% Buy Tax

✅3% - Holders Rewards

✅5% - Liquidity

✅4% - Wallet 12% Sell Tax:

✅2% - Holders Rewards

✅7% - Liquidity

✅3% - Wallet