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Shiba Zuna

Ticker : Launched On : 3 February, 2022
BEP-20 Binince Smart Contract: 0x5e32c824f1184406dd8ab8bf1c41471abf223002

Shiba Zuna Description

ShibaZuna is a decentralized Token on Binance Smart Chain. ShibaZuna will continue the legacy of his meme father, Shiba! It is a Decentralized Power and Advance Integrated Ecosystem In The Metaverse. ShibaZuna a cross chain technology Public chain projects have shown improved performance, however, each chain has its own distinct technical architectures, which are not linked to one another, so instead, they form an array of information. For DAPP developers, this can pose a problem when choosing which public chains to build. enables the creation of different types of Blockchains. Collaboration between platforms involving the exchange of assets, information, and applications. The service enables data exchange between different blockchain networks and acts as a bridge between different public chains transmission, and greatly reduce the cost of transmission. The popularity of NFT continues to grow, and its features are indisputable, irreplaceable, and unique. A combination of art and finance can be found in the NFT System Box, which $SHIBAZUNA.

Shiba Zuna Summary